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    Parent Coaching

    Nothing really prepares you to become a parent. Some of us were lucky enough to have parents that set a good example. But others grew up in homes where the dynamic between child and parent was anything but functional or consistently loving.

    But the truth is, even if you did have loving parents that did right by you 24/7, you can never be fully prepared to handle sticky situations with your own children. You never really know what behavioral challenges your child may wind up struggling with, and how those will affect your other children and the family as a whole.

    Family Centered OT is here to teach, mentor, or guide parents on how to provide therapy to your child on a daily basis as part of your regular routine. I will work with you and the child to help you observe behaviors through the lens of an OT.

    In a traditional clinic setting, goals are set over months to years of time. This is due to limited treatments in an unfamiliar environment. With goal development being implemented multiple times throughout the day, progress is guaranteed to occur at a quicker rate.

    Who is Parenting Coaching For?

    Parenting coaching is for any parent that wishes to resolve behavioral struggles with their children on a daily basis. These struggles can include typical daily struggles such as:

    • Follow through with daily routines
    • Sibling bickering
    • tantrums

    But coaching can also help with more demanding behaviors that push the parent’s skillset. These include:

    • Dealing with a strong-willed child
    • Getting a picky eater to eat
    • Engaging with and managing anger and defiance
    • Guiding a child with SPD and OCD tendencies

    Let’s Get You the Results You Want

    A coach is that person in your corner that offers the best tools to reach the goals you’ve set and cheers you on as you do the work and take the necessary steps. I’m here to share what I have learned over the years so you can gain control over your own actions and your home.

    If you:

    • Are looking for ways to address behavioral issues in your children such as aggression and defiance…
    • Need help in taking care of yourself and managing your own stress…
    • Want to learn strategies to support your special needs child’s physical, emotional and social development…
    • Need guidance on creating a plan to address any other childcare issues or educational problems…

    Then please get in touch with me. I invite you to ask as many questions as you need to see if you think we will be a good fit for one another.