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    Rates & Policies

    Pre-Evaluation Phone Interview

    This is done to determine if the services I provide match the needs of you and your child before any payments are requested.

    Parent Agreement

    I want to be fully transparent with my expectations before any session is started. No cell phones, TV, or ipads are allowed (unless observing a typical routine that we are addressing). All parties discussed in the pre-evaluation interview will be present during the evaluation and future treatments. I will not be bringing a toy bag. I need to use what is available in your home in order to know that you will be able to continue the activity throughout the week while I am not there.

    In-Home or In-School Evaluation

    This will take place in your home for 1 to 2 hours. Evaluations will vary but will include a parent interview, an observation of the child, and a possible formal developmental screen. My favorite part of being able to do the evaluation in your home is that it is tailored to YOU! If dressing is a concern, I am able to observe what your family’s routine looks like in your typical environment. No oversized baggy clothes, but your child’s clothes, in THEIR room…. or maybe the kitchen! Whatever your situation may be, all of my therapy services will be applicable from the first evaluation to the final discharge.

    Goals Developed On The Spot!

    Take the waiting of evaluation results out of the process. YOU are the expert on your family and we will work together to develop the appropriate amount of goals needed. There is no need to bombard you with concerns that may arise in 6 months. I want to work on the issues that are going on right now.

    Continued Therapy Visits Either In-Person or Virtually

    If COVID has taught us anything, it is that sometimes we just have to stay at home. The technology of a telehealth visit is so valuable and convenient. Stay at home mom with sick kids? No worries! An at-home evaluation has already been completed and I am now aware of your environment and the family dynamics. We can still have our session to address any areas of concern and go over last week’s goals.

    Text Reminders

    We all know that life gets busy. I plan to keep everyone accountable by sending weekly reminders of the goals that we developed together. I will also answer short questions about unexpected occurrences and provide support during the off days. My passion lies in providing your family insight into how to make day-to-day life easier. We are all in this together!


    Because the evaluation is typically informal, so is the discharge. We can address 1 issue at a time or tackle 2-3. The traditional clinic plans of service can last anywhere from 3 months to years of service. By creating goals that can be implemented on a daily basis, the idea is that treatment should take a fraction of the time. Instead of working for 1 hr per week on a specific skill and then having you go home with homework. I will be teaching you how to work with your child multiple times a day, during your regularly scheduled activities.

    Attendance Policy

    I want to work with families who truly desire to make a change in their children’s lives, and my attendance policy will reflect that mission. All appointments must be canceled at least 12 hours before the session starts. This timing will be flexible if possible COVID exposures have occurred.

    A no-show policy will also be set in place. If no contact regarding the cancelation of an appointment is made prior to that appointment, it will be counted as a no-show. Two no-shows will result in the termination of all future services. Families will also be billed in full for the appointment if a no-show does occur. As a busy mom, I understand that life situations come up that are out of our control. Please contact me to explain any late cancelations.

    Typical session:

    • Recap of the week and a review of goals (successes and failures)
    • Observation of you and your child going through specific activities
    • Parent education and mentoring that will get your mind thinking through the eyes of an occupational therapist
    • NO “Have you tried this”
    • YES “what have you already tried? What did it look like when you did that”?
    • Hands-on assistance when needed
    • An update to goals for the upcoming week

    Set up the initial phone interview to see if my services would be a good fit.

    Service Area

    I am currently available in the Maple Grove and Plymouth areas. As my business expands so will the areas that I am able to treat!

    My website will be revised frequently so that you are always kept with up-to-date information regarding service areas and hours of service.


    I am not currently accepting insurance. However, I can provide you with a “superbill” of all services completed upon request. You will then be able to submit that to your insurance independently. I truly believe I will be able to treat a wider variety of patients by not having to adhere to the strict diagnosis guideline given by various insurance companies. Please contact me with any further insurance questions.


    I accept cash, Venmo, and all major credit cards as forms of payment. I also accept auto-payment directly on my site via


    $175.00 per 1-hour session

    $300.00 per evaluation

    $50/month of the Safe and Sound Listening Program

    Any Other Questions

    Please contact me with any additional questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!